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Fun Facts About Snacks
variety of snacks in bowls

Fun Facts About Snacks

Including Some from Our Snack Box Subscription Service! 

The histories of some of our favorite snacks aren’t well known, nor is what they’re actually made of. Are corn nuts really made of corn? Who came up with the idea for potato chips? Whose genius idea was it to make gummy candy in the shape of cuddly teddy bears? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we explore the world of snack foods and sweet treats!

Salty Snacks in Care Packages

salty snacks like popcorn and pretzels

For some, salty snacks are preferable over sweet candies, cookies, or snack cakes. Not everyone has a “sweet tooth,” and they’re more likely to reach for something like potato chips, pretzels, or popcorn over chocolate bars, gummy bears, or brownies. A love of salty snacks is pretty predictable; in the U.S., the top-selling convenience store snack is potato chips! Let’s explore a few other favorite salty snacks.

What are Corn Nuts made of?

The name is confusing for sure. Are they corn, or are they nuts? The short answer is that corn nuts are made of corn that is soaked in water for multiple days, then deep-fried in oil until they’re hard and brittle. (So much for a short answer!) That’s where they get their satisfying, crispy crunch when you bite into the. You can find Corn Nuts in our Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Vegan care package, among many others!

What makes popcorn pop?

First of all, not all corn can be made into popcorn because it takes a special variety to pop open when heated. The special kind of corn contains a small drop of water inside a circle of soft starch in every kernel. The soft starch is protected by the corn kernel’s outer surface. As the kernel is heated, the water turns to steam, and the starch turns into a gelatin-like substance. Once the pressure inside the kernel is too much, it bursts the hull open, releasing steam. The soft starch spills out and cools, which forms that iconic fluffy popcorn shape! Next time you get a bucket of popcorn at the movie theater, thank those little water droplets that were inside each piece of corn for the tasty, salty snack you’re about to consume! Find popcorn in several of our snack boxes, including our Microwave Snack care package, from our line of emergency food kits!

Who invented potato chips?

We wish this question had a more straightforward answer! There are two schools of thought on how potato chips were birthed into popular cuisine. The earliest known recipe for a food similar to the modern potato chip was published in The Cook’s Oracle in 1817. However, legend has it that in 1853, an African-American cook, George Crum, was trying to satisfy a customer at a restaurant who kept sending back his fried potatoes, claiming they were too thick, soggy, or unsalted. Mr. Crum sliced potatoes as thinly as he could, fried them until they were crispy, and poured on the salt. On that day, “Saratoga Chips” were born, and a brand by the same name exists today. Pull open a bag of chips from our Men’s Care Package to satisfy your craving for a salty snack!

Sweet Treats in Snack Boxes

a variety of candy in bags

Candy was probably first made and enjoyed in ancient Egypt, around 2000BC. Their treats were likely made by mixing honey with bits of fruit and nuts. However, the first candies — in the form we think about candy today — to be sold in the U.S. market popped up during the 1800s. Today, the most popular candy is the sweet and sometimes salty peanut butter cup!

Why are gummy bears shaped like bears?

These adorable treats originated in Germany when Hans Riegel, Sr. started the Haribo company. In 1922, he felt inspired by the trained bears he saw at street festivals and markets throughout Europe. So, he invented the “Dancing Bear,” a small, fruit-flavored candy in the shape of a bear, though larger than today’s gummy bears. They were sold in a pack of two for a low price, which meant German children could afford these candies with their pocket money. Over the years, the gummy bear morphed in size and flavor. In 1967, the Haribo Gold-Bears candy was born. Grab gummy bears in our Candy Care Package!

What are the original flavors of Skittles?

Another of America’s favorite candies is the fruity Skittles! Don’t get them confused with their similar-looking cousin, the M&M. Skittles are slightly more orb-shaped than their chocolatey brethren and pack a sweet and tart flavor in every bite. When original Skittles first launched in 1974, the flavors inside each package were Strawberry, Orange, Lemon, Grape, and Lime. Later, lime was replaced with Green Apple because Mars Wrigley Confectionery decided the lime flavor was too similar to lemon, and green apple would perform better. And despite the rumor that all Skittles pieces taste the same, their maker vehemently argues they each have their own distinct flavor, coordinating to their color. Chow down on Skittles in our Snack Box Care Package, as well as other snack boxes we offer!

Why do Milano cookies look like they do?

The All-American brand Pepperidge Farm got inspiration for their Milano cookies from cookie factories in Europe. In their original form, they weren’t a sandwich cookie, but rather only a single cookie with a layer of chocolate on one side. To avoid a serious chocolate-melting problem when shipping to warmer states in the southern U.S., Pepperidge Farm decided to add another cookie onto each existing one, making the Milano into a very elegant sandwich cookie. Find Milano cookies in our Women’s Care Package!

Care Packages and Snack Boxes Make Great Gifts!

You can eat and enjoy your favorite snacks in our gift boxes that you can buy for yourself, or send to a loved one. Our variety in snack boxes is something we take a huge amount of pride in; there’s something for everyone at The Care Crate Co.! 

Browse our snack boxes to find your favorite treat.

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