These superb summer themed care packages are packed with essential gear, fun items, snacks, and more! The Care Crate Co. offers new care packages every season that are made to bring you and your loved ones closer, while enjoying fun activities! Check out our most resent handcrafted gift sets and care packages. These are the Summer Essentials:

Picnic Day Gift Set

Take this Picnic Crate to the park on a warm sunny afternoon and enjoy all the delights it has to offer. Relax on a picnic blanket, enjoy beverages kept cool in your insulated cooler. Snack on cheese and crackers, and feast on meals with the reusable utensils. 


Dad’s Grilling Gift Set

A man and his grill are a sacred thing. This gift set includes Dry Rubs, BBQ Sauce, Silicone Mat / Mitt, an LED Headlamp, and a Grill Scraper. Any dad will go outside enjoy this variety assortment by himself or with loved ones during a cookout.


Beach Day Gift Set

Get out of the house and head to the beach with a waterproof blanket, beach utensils, sunscreen, aloe, an insulated cooler, drink tumbler, frisbee and more. Keep you drinks cold, your beach towels dry, you skin moisturized, and play some frisbee! 


Kid’s Fun Gift Set

We love kids! An exciting part of The Care Crate Co. is creating the perfect crate of people of all ages. Inside you’ll find Glowsticks, Fidget Spinner, Light Up Bracelets, Bubble Wand, LED Light Up Jelly Ring and Spiky Squeeze Ball Toy!



Movie Night Snack Box

make sure you have our Movie Night Snack Box. All your favorite snacks from the theater in one snack-tastic care package. Escape the stress of snack-less movie nights, and have this candy, chocolate, sweet, and salty snack box waiting to be devoured.



Spicy Snack Box

Each of the 9 different snacks have the bold, spicy flavor you’re looking for. There’s an assortment of 17 spicy snacks that will make your mouth burn. This junk food box is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the regular munchies and instead devour fiery goodness.