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Take this Picnic Crate to the park on a warm sunny afternoon and enjoy all the delights it has to offer. Relax on a picnic blanket and enjoy snacks and a beverage. Enjoy drinks that were kept cool in your insulated cooler. Snack on cheese crisps and Oreo cookies, and feast on any other meals with the reusable utensils. This Picnic Care Package would be a perfect gift to give you loved ones, or even for yourself! Summer’s more fun with The Care Crate Co.

Each care package includes 8 items total:

  • Waterproof Picnic Blanket
  • Reusable Utensil Set
  • Citronella Bug Repellent Wrist Band
  • Honest Wipes
  • Just The Cheese Aged Cheddar Bars – Two-Bar Packs
  • Mesh Bag with Insulated Cooler
  • Skinny Acrylic Tumbler
  • Oreo Cookies – 2 Cookie Packs

Manufacturer guarantee

Don’t love it? Let us know! We truly believe you’ll love your name-brand snack box care package! Specific items and brands may vary; substitutions may occur. We make every effort to ensure each care package receives the highest-quality snack or gift box items.


  • 🍉 HIGH QUALITY SNACKS AND GIFTS: Loads of well made, high quality gifts and the perfect picnic and beach snacks in a single variety assortment for you and your loved ones to share, or have it all to yourself!
  • ☀️ A PRESENT FOR EVERYONE: Send a variety of individually wrapped snacks to anyone – it will bring a smile to their face! An assortment for adults, children, college, students, men, women, military, and loved ones of all ages across the country!
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, get well soon, virtual meetings, office, conferences – send the gift of snacking with this variety pack assorted box. It will bring happiness and unity to your family, loved ones, or employees!
  • 🧺 BEAUTIFUL FLIP-TOP BOX: Our Snack Box is packaged with our signature flip-top box which makes it easy to reseal. Inside you’ll find your favorite snacks or gift items neatly organized, face up, on high quality wrapping paper!
  • 📬 DON’T LOVE IT? LET US KNOW: We truly believe you’ll love your name brand snack or gift box! We ensure each care package receives the highest-quality snack or gift box items. Specific items and brands may vary; substitutions may occur.

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Dimensions11.5 × 9 × 3 in

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    Such a fun summer gift!

    This is a grab and go picnic in a box! All you need to do is add your favorite snacks and you're ready for any picnic, beach or playground. As soon as I opened the box I saw the gray and red mesh bag and matching blanket. I know the picture shows a blue bag & blanket but being from Ohio I immediately couldn't wait to use this at Ohio State parties! The mesh bag itself was much larger than I expected and had really durable handles. The bottom of the mesh bag even has a cooler and the zipper to open it slides so easily. The bag has a front zipper pouch which would be perfect to hold your phone, keys, and wallet. Nothing is worse than rummaging around trying to figure out where you put those (or carrying an extra bag for those three items). I haven't tried it yet but I saw that the mesh bag would be perfect for beach toys because the sand will just fall out of the sides so you don't have to waste your time at the beach cleaning off the toys. The blanket came with an attached handle! My kids are already fighting over who gets to carry it! The blanket is fleece (again super durable!) and has stitched edges that make me not afraid to just toss it on the ground. At approx 4x4.5 this blanket is big enough for our family of 4 to each grab a corner! The crackers and cheese were a nice extra! I'm definitely not buying this one for the snacks (check out the other Care Crates for those!) but I did feel like it was a nice bonus. I have never tried shelf stable cheese before so it was neat to try something different. When I think picnic, beach or playground the first thing I think is how dirty my kids are going to get. I never leave home without wipes. This kit came with a resealable pack of wipes. Love that the Honest brand made it's way into this box. I also really appreciate the size of the wipe. Have you ever tried to wipe a kid down with a wet nap? These are so much better! The utensil set came with a little box which is perfect because every time we take utensils we end up trying to find a plastic bag to put the dirty ones in or having to roll them up in dirty napkins. This did only come with 1 set (3 pcs) but picnics are not full sized meals so these are perfect for travel. The quality of these pieces seems way better than traditional plastic cutlery and bonus that we aren't adding to a landfill! I haven't opened the insect band yet but it was the perfect addition to a picnic basket! I always forget the bug spray! This one says it will last 200 hours once opened! I got a clear 16 oz tumbler in mine. I love that mine was clear because then I can see any bugs that go into it while outside. I was shocked when I read the instructions and it said the cup could be used for hot or cold liquids! I also appreciate that this was an skinny tumbler. I hate how every tumbler anymore is oversized and doesn't fit in my cup holder or makes me feel like I'm a gym rat carrying around the gallon of water (go them! but I'm not that strong! ha). I totally got this for me but I am thinking this would make a great gift for a newlywed couple (toss in some gift cards for date nights) or any family member (print off a list of nearby parks/beaches!). TLDR: This is the perfect kit to grab and go for a day out! Perfect for any beach, playground or picnic!

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