Women’s Care Package


  • QUALITY. The Care Crate for ladies ​care package​ features 50 different assorted ​healthy snacks for adults, ​each carefully chosen for outstanding quality. These ​healthy snacks ​are the ideal variety snacks ​when you’re craving a health hit.
  • CHOICES. Our ​snacks variety pack​ has something for everyone, including; Nature Valley Sweet & Salty, Fruit & Nut and Crunch Bars, Circus Animal Frosted Cookies, Nutri-Grain Bars, Milano Cookies, Skinny Pop Popcorn, Skittles & Starburst Mini, Twizzlers, Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears, Strawberry Pop-tarts, Veggie Straws, Mott’s Gummies, KaPop puffs, and Act 2 Popcorn.
  • HEALTHY. Care Crate ​bulk snacks​ for ladies is the ideal ​snack pack​ for women who care about their health. There’s something for everyone with a ​snack mix​ featuring a ​popcorn variety pack, healthy fruit snacks​ and a ​granola bars variety pack.
  • EASY. A Care Crate for ladies is the perfect ​food box​ solution for busy women short on time. If you need ​subscribe and save snacks​ delivered to your door, sign up for a monthly ​snack box and let Care Crate take care of the rest. Our ​healthy snacks variety pack ​is stress free.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Please note that specific snack items and brands may vary. If you don’t love your ​bulk snacks individually wrapped​, simply return your ​care package for women ​for a complete refund. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and outstanding quality.

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