Trick or Treat Alternatives for a Socially-Distant Halloween

kid painting pumpkin for halloween

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It may be hard to social distance this Halloween, especially during trick-or-treat outings that require your little ghouls and goblins to ring the doorbell and accept candy that the homeowner has just touched. Because coronavirus may be able to live on surfaces for long periods of time, you might opt to keep your kids home on Halloween night and plan a fun activity in lieu of traditional trick or treating.

At The Care Crate Co., we take pride in our ability to create fun, just like our care packages do. That’s why it was super easy for us to come up with these fun trick-or-treat alternatives for a socially-distant Halloween.

Lead a Candy Scavenger Hunt

Part of the fun of trick-or-treating is collecting Halloween candy from many different locations and being surprised by which treats you receive. Emulate those feelings of fun by assembling a fun scavenger hunt in your home and yard. Write clues that lead your kids from spot-to-spot to find candy and other Halloween goodies.

Younger kids might like to hunt for pieces of candy, à la an Easter egg hunt. And of course, costumes aren’t optional! 

Serve a Haunted Halloween Dinner

Turn the lights down low, light spooky candles, and serve a meal that no one will forget! Your goal is to turn family-favorite meals into a Halloween theme! For example:

  • Meatloaf becomes brain loaf. Squirt ketchup in squiggly patterns instead of brushing it on top. Dye mashed potatoes purple (or use purple potatoes), which will look dark in the candlelight. Stick (sanitized) skeletons or zombie finger puppets from the Halloween party favor aisle into them to create graveyard spuds. 
  • Dye spaghetti noodles green and serve with your family’s favorite pasta sauce. It’s now worm noodles!
  • Bake chocolate cupcakes and press gummy worms into the tops after they’ve cooled. Apply your favorite frosting for decaying cupcakes!
  • Peel grapes and toss together with other fruit. Serve with green whipped-cream. It’s Eyeball Fruit Salad!

Get creative with it. Your family’s favorite dinner can become spooky in a flash.

Hold a Halloween Movie Night

Grab the coziest blankets you have, pop some popcorn, and let the soda flow. It’s movie night at home!

Build a pillow fort and settle in with Halloween family favorites like Halloween Town, Hocus Pocus, or Double Double Toil and Trouble for little kids, and classic horror for the bigger kids.

Carve a Whole Crew of Pumpkins

Gather your pumpkin-carving tools, print off some templates, and get your hands dirty! Everyone in the family can create their own jack-o-lantern. Add a flickering LED candle and set them outside on your porch for some Halloween cheer.

Younger kids can use washable paints, markers, and stickers to decorate their gourds instead of using knives.

As a bonus activity, roast pumpkin seeds with a variety of seasonings for a snack later (maybe during your Halloween movie night).

Have a Halloween Dance Party

Crank up the spooky tunes, dress up in costume, and show off your best moves in a dance party that will get your heart pumpin’! All your groovy ghouls can get down, and then enjoy a snack break courtesy of one of our awesome care packages full of candy, salty chips, and savory treats. 

May we recommend our Candy Care Package or our Snack Box Care Package?

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