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Top Five Reasons to Send Our Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Care Package to a Loved One This Year
valentine's day gift ideas

If Valentine’s Day gifts have gotten stale over the years, then it’s time to change your strategy. Forget cut roses that die or boxes of chocolates that are mostly filled with the candies in flavors no one likes. This year, gift your loved one something really special: our limited edition Valentine’s Day Care Package! Here are five really good reasons we think you should order one today.

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They won’t have received anything quite like it before.

valentine gift box

Sure, care packages are pretty commonplace. But our themed holiday care packages include items totally appropriate to the year and the season. Working from home? Wearing a pair of fun socks covered in otters can bring good cheer to the day. Heading out? Wear our Valentine’s Day face mask to properly social distance.

We can include these items tailored to life right now because our specialty gift boxes are limited edition. You won’t be able to get one like this again, so why not send it this year for a truly special Valentine’s Day surprise?

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Our care packages are already gift boxed.

When you budget for gifts today, you also have to include the cost of how you’ll wrap it. Gift bags have hit an exorbitant $5 or more, and if you go for wrapping paper, you need a lot of accoutrements: paper, tape, a gift box, a gift tag… 

Our Valentine’s Day Care Package comes in our signature minty green box with tissue paper, so it already looks like a gift when they receive it. That alone makes it one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you could ever send!

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There’s something for everyone inside our thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts.

valentine's day treats

An assortment of candies, both fun-sized and full-sized, savory snacks, and non-food items fill our Valentine’s Day gift box. Inside, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy. We’ve even included some Valentine’s Day cards your recipient can keep for themselves or send the important people in their life – or maybe as a thank-you note to you?

And good news – we can accommodate special diets, too. When you order, simply indicate what you need to swap out, and we’ll work diligently to make that happen. 

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We handle everything, so you don’t have to.

If you consider how long you have to spend in a store looking for the perfect things to include in a care package or gift box, you’re also looking at the potential for COVID-19 exposure and using up a precious resource: your time. 

When you order from The Care Crate Co., all you have to do is choose your gift box and tell us where to send it. We assemble it in our facility where we’re performing frequent disinfection and cleaning, and wearing gloves and masks. Then, we make sure it arrives to your recipient. 

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It’s really, really cute.

valentine's day otter socksWhen we were planning a special care package for Valentine’s Day, we squealed with delight at the “Significant Otter” socks and matching Valentines. We were tickled pink by holiday-themed facemasks. And our mouths watered over the Cupid Corn and hot chocolate on a stick. Imagine the kind of fun Valentine’s Day in that someone could have with the contents of this adorable box? We kind of hope someone will send one to us!

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How to Order Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Place an order for our limited-edition Valentine’s Day gift box on our website, and tell us where to send it. Our team in Ohio will carefully package your gift and send it to your recipient. If you have any questions at all about your order, our customer care team is more than happy to assist you.

Place your order today for arrival by Valentine’s Day! 

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