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Socially-Distant Ideas for Celebrating Easter

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As COVID-19 vaccination programs all around the U.S. continue to progress, for some families, it’s looking like Easter — April 4 this year — could be one of the last socially-distant holidays. And why not make it as special as possible, to wrap up a year lacking in togetherness and close off that chapter of your life?

Make a new socially distant Easter tradition that you can translate into an in-person activity next spring when you can go unmasked and give hugs without worry.

Digital Easter Egg Decorating

Schedule a Zoom call during which all the kids in the family “get together” to decorate Easter eggs. They can show off their fancy dye patterns on camera and help each other think of creative ways to dip their eggs in different color combinations. Use the drawing feature in Zoom to virtually color in an fully-digital egg; the software lets everyone contribute!

Post-COVID, group Easter egg coloring and decorating can become an annual tradition. In person, the host could provide snacks and a silly prize for different categories, like “Most Colorful,” “Most Unique,” or “Brightest Hue.”

Together-But-Apart Easter Egg Hunt

Kids love Easter because of the treats they get in their baskets and because of the thrill of the Easter egg hunt. And everyone knows an egg hunt is better in a group, to spur the sense of competition.

Set up your own together-but-separate egg hunt with multiple families, and then share the experience over a Zoom call.

If you’re hosting the egg hunt, it’s your duty to gather and distribute supplies. You’ll need:

  • Plastic eggs for each child participating
  • Treats to put inside the eggs (candy, coins, small toys)
  • Easter basket or bucket

Fill all the eggs, and then sort them for distribution. Drop off the basketful at the homes of families who are participating — leave them on the porch, ring the doorbell, and wave from the car. Be sure to let them know the details of when the egg hunt is happening, so the adults can hide the eggs for their children and get logged into the Zoom call on time.

The kids will find their own batch of eggs in their own home, and then they can reveal what they found inside to their friends and family members. If you want to make it extra special, put silly things to do inside a few of the eggs, like slips of paper with actions on it, like “Cluck like a chicken,” or a charade clue for the kids to act out and guess.

Send an Easter Care Package

It isn’t too late to send a special Easter gift to a family member who’s far away, or who you can’t visit because of COVID-19. The Care Crate Co. has a very special Easter gift box suitable for all ages, full of springtime treats, both edible and not. 

Standard shipping is always free, and you can even include a special gift card inside the care package, so your loved one will know exactly who to think for this wonderful present. Order now for Easter delivery.

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