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How a Care Package Can Fill Your Family with Joy
stocking stuffers

Take Care of Your Stocking Stuffers This Christmas with One Care Package from The Care Crate Co.

Shopping for stocking stuffers and social distancing seem to be at odds with each other. Many major retailers won’t ship the small items you – errr … Santa – have probably traditionally put in your family’s stockings. 

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, candy, treats, and even some smaller toy items must be purchased in retail stores. When you have to shop in the store, you end up digging through displays of items that hundreds of other people have touched, and you risk contracting COVID-19 or other illnesses. It’s flu season, after all!

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

The year 2020 has made looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for your family a real chore. One easy remedy for this problem is ordering a snack box or care package from The Care Crate Co., and dividing its contents among your family’s stockings. 

Choose from snack boxes full of sweet, savory, or salty treats – whichever your family will like the best – or pick one of our personal care kits, which also includes items like cleaning wipes, masks, and other personal care items.

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Benefits of Purchasing a Snack Box or Care Package

The best thing about using one of our mail-order care packages for your stocking stuffers is that our items are usable. After your family has enjoyed these treats, there is nothing left to clutter up your house, fill your kids’ rooms, or collect dust on the bookshelf. 

Another great thing about our care packages is that there is something for everyone inside. The most picky eaters will find snacks they love in each of our boxes, even if they have special dietary needs!

And finally, using our snack boxes as stocking stuffers simplifies your holiday shopping and lets you get it done faster and more safely.

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Find Non-Food Stocking Stuffers in Our Care Packages, Too

Don’t want to fill your family’s stockings with only edible treats, like corn nuts, candy, chips, fruit snacks, or granola bars? Our men’s gift set and women’s gift set are full of items meant to inspire relaxation. Although all the items together fit one cohesive theme, you could just as easily split them up to fill stockings for multiple people. Each cost between $45 and $50, and have enough items to fill a couple of stockings with ease!

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For example, in our Men’s Luxe Gift Set, you’ll find items like hot sauce, a wine corkscrew, beard oil, cocktail mixer set, and more. And in our Women’s Spa Day Gift Box, you’ll find facial soap and cleansing pads, manicure set, lip balm, lotion, handcrafted soap, and more. You’ll find many of the items in both of these gift sets could be gifted to just about anyone! For an even more gender-neutral gift set, consider our new Christmas-themed gift box, which includes novelty socks, a plant grow kit, hand sanitizer, sweet treats, lip balm, hot cocoa, and more!

There’s Still Time to Order Stocking Stuffers Before Christmas!

Our snack boxes and gift sets are the perfect gifts when given as a whole item, but they’re just as great when the contents are split up as stocking stuffers. You still have a few days before Santa Claus comes to town to place your order, but don’t delay!

Order online! 

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