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Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything
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You Better Believe One of Our Care Packages Made The List!

We all have someone on our gift list who is so difficult to buy presents for – if not several! They have niche tastes that you don’t fully understand, they never express what they want, or they have everything already! What do you buy for someone like this? Stress no longer! Our crack team of professional gift-givers at The Care Crate Co. has come up with suggestions to make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier this year!



For the person who has everything, treat them to an edible gift: a pre-assembled meal, ready to be prepared and devoured. You can send a meal kit from a company, which feels impersonal, or you can put together your own – sans perishables. We recommend a pasta dinner, with fancy tagliatelle nests, delicious pasta sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, savory olives, imported olive oil, and a fresh loaf of crusty Italian bread. Carefully organize these items into a decorative basket or better yet, a fancy colander! 


Coffee Connoisseur Cup

If someone truly enjoys the process of making a gourmet cup of coffee, you can count on them to have all the tools they need. The most intense coffee lovers we’ve ever known prefer pour-over or french-press coffee, but rely on freshly roasted and home-ground coffee beans for the most extraordinary flavors and smoothness. Pick up a bag of fair trade beans from a local coffee shop, making sure to ask the barista for their recommendation. Set the bag gently into a particularly beautiful coffee mug, and voila! You have a simple gift that your recipient will appreciate!


Hand-Crafted Cocktails

For the person most likely to suggest going to the hippest, trendiest bar for happy hour, the perfect gift is their own DIY cocktail set! No, you don’t need to get them a full bar kit. Instead, casually learn their favorite cocktail, and buy them small bottles (or large bottles – that’s your prerogative) of each. Organize them to fit into an ice bucket, and add any other necessary fresh items, like a lemon, lime, or snack pairing, at the last minute before gifting. If you aren’t sure what their drink of choice is, choose a higher-end bottle of vodka, tequila, or bourbon, and mixers and other ingredients for a cocktail that utilizes the alcohol you’ve chosen. Drink responsibly!


Gift Cards for Valuable Services 

Sometimes giving the gift of things just won’t do. Maybe your recipient already has a houseful, or could benefit from something less tangible. Instead of wrapping an item, you could give a thoughtful gift card or gift certificate instead. Consider things like a massage therapy session, manicure and pedicure, home cleaning for a month, professional landscaping care, or similar services. What you’re really giving is the gift of time and relieving stress, and we don’t know a single person who wouldn’t appreciate that.


Kid Gifts

If you don’t keep up with all the latest toys, video games, and children’s books, it’s hard to know what kids are interested in! And because their interests seem to change from month-to-month, what they loved back in September probably isn’t the same as what they love now. Instead of hunting down the hottest toy of the season and paying top dollar for it, choose a membership to a local cultural institution instead, like the zoo or children’s museum. Memberships generally allow families to visit these places for free as many times per year as they’d like. You’ll help create family memories without adding another toy to the playroom with these special gift ideas for kids.


Gifts That Last

If you want to give a gift that will have your recipient thinking of you for a long while, give a gift that will last more than one use or one day. We love the idea of sending a snack box to everyone on your list. Not only does it help you finish your shopping quickly so you can actually savor the season, but it also shows your recipients that you care! Each time they dig into the care package from The Care Crate Co. that you sent to them, they’ll be reminded of your generosity and thankful that their pantries are stocked with snacks, and they didn’t have to venture out to get them. Ideal for people who are social-distancing or self-quarantining, or for the person who just loves snacks, our care packages are an affordable way to send holiday cheer and love, year-round. 


Order a snack box or thoughtful gift set from us today, and receive free standard shipping anywhere in the United States. Shop now.

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