DIY Ugly Holiday Sweater Ideas

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Stand Out at Your Socially-Distant Party!

Coronavirus, 1. Ugly Sweater Parties, 0.

Like most holiday gatherings, it seems that the incredibly fun Ugly Sweater Party has fallen to the global pandemic. But we’ve made it to the final stage of Jumanji 2020, so it only seems fair that we get to keep something fun and festive. So why not try a socially-distant ugly sweater party and encourage your friends to go really over-the-top with their outfits this year. 

If you’re still planning to rock an ugly holiday sweater this year for your Zoom party or just to bring joy to yourself, check out these ideas for creating an off-the-charts sweater totally appropriate for 2020.


Be One With the Christmas Tree

Grab a generic green sweatshirt and put it on. Then, wrap yourself up with green garland so that when you raise your hands, palms together, above your head, you are the tree. Add ornaments to complete the ensemble.


Cotton Ball Snowman

Break out the beauty supplies and some craft glue for this DIY look. On any solid-colored sweatshirt, attach cotton balls in the shape of snowmen. Use other craft supplies, like yarn, black and orange pony beads, and googly eyes, to give each of your snowmen some character. Bonus points if you name each one of them.


Embroidered Sweater for the Extra-Crafty

If you’re crafty, put your skills to good use by embroidering holiday imagery onto a sweatshirt. Use a pattern from online, or draw your own. If you don’t know how to embroider, watch a few YouTube videos and take a risk! It’s not like you have lots of social obligations to take up your time right now. And who knows? You might find a new hobby that will help you pass the time until the pandemic slows.


Christmas Care Package Holiday Sweater

The best socially-distant gift-giving involves relying on the pros to deliver an awesome present to your loved ones this year, like our Christmas Gift Set from The Care Crate Co. Inside the gift set are holiday socks, a Christmas-themed mask, hand sanitizer, candy canes and other holiday candies, and gingerbread Oreos, among many other items! Use safety pins to attach these items to your sweater – and put the mask on your face – and voila! Your ugly sweater is inspired by one of the best holiday gifts


Anything But a Holiday Sweater

Harken back to your college days and channel your inner party goer by creating a uniquely festive outfit out of items that aren’t typical articles of clothing. In lieu of wearing a too-warm sweater to your Zoom party, wrap yourself in holiday gift wrap, garland, a Christmas tree skirt, or anything but traditional holiday garb. 


Wear a Santa Suit and See Who Identifies You

Logging into a video call gives you an element of anonymity, especially if you use an alias as your name and dial in from your computer, rather than a phone. Don a Santa suit and see which of your friends or family members recognize you. Being Jolly Old Saint Nicholas certainly is way more over-the-top than simply wearing a Christmas sweater!