Two guys walked into a bar. The third guy ducked… Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use a honeycomb… When does a joke become a “dad joke?” When it becomes apparent! Take a look at one of these Father’s Day Gift Sets for your favorite parent:

Dad’s Grilling Gift Set

A man and his grill are a sacred thing. This gift set includes Dry Rubs, BBQ Sauce, Silicone Mat/Mitt, an LED Headlamp, and a Grill Scraper. Any dad will go outside to enjoy this variety assortment by himself or with loved ones during a cookout.


Classic Father’s Day Gift Set

Father’s Day is the perfect time for this Classic Father’s Day Gift Set. It includes BBQ grilling sauce, grill scraper, beef jerky, a pour-over coffee bag, an LED headlamp, credit card survival multi-tool, and cigar cutter. This care package is good for any occasion!


Gentlemen’s Cocktail Gift Set

Our Gentleman’s Cocktail Gift Set is full of 14 bar and lounge-related items. Throwing some whiskey stones in the freezer, add some bitters and your favorite spirits into a stainless steel drink shaker. This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail or cigar!


Father’s Day Family Craft Kit

Sometimes he’s embarrassing, but he’s irreplaceable! This Father’s Day spend some time building DIY arts and crafts with your dad, like a tie craft kit, DIY craft kit, DIY coffee mug, sticker cards, and even a picture frame. Bring hours of fun to any time spent with children!


Men’s Luxe Gift Box

The Men’s Luxe Gift Box includes 9 products focused on looking good, having fun, and eating well. Inspire him in the kitchen with hot sauce and dips, help him look suave before big business meetings, and encourage him to kick back and relax after busy days!


Spicy Snack Box

Each of the 9 different snacks have the bold, spicy flavor you’re looking for. There’s an assortment of 17 spicy snacks that will make your mouth burn. This junk food box is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the regular munchies and instead devour fiery goodness.