Ways to Show Your Elderly Loved Ones You Care

Acts of Kindness, Care Packages and More

Our elderly loved ones are often accidentally forgotten when we get busy with our day-to-day lives. But that doesn’t have to be the case. When you take time out of your schedule for them, you show them that you care. Even the smallest things can mean a lot! What can you do to show them you love them? As it turns out, quite a few things!

Help Your Elderly Loved Ones with Household Chores
As people get older, it becomes harder and harder to perform daily tasks, like household chores. Some chores, like laundry or organizing possessions, can take longer periods of time. Others, like cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, or vacuuming, are quicker tasks. For those who prefer to be outdoors, you can take care of your loved one’s landscaping around their home.

Help Your Elderly Loved Ones Maintain Their Homes
Pride of homeownership is a powerful thing. Helping your elderly parents, grandmas, grandpas, great-aunts, or great-uncles maintain their homes helps them sustain that pride and keeps them living independently for longer. Help them freshen up with new paint, walk more safely with improved flooring, or preserve their homes with roof or siding repairs.

Visit Your Elderly Loved Ones
If health allows, pay frequent visits to your elderly loved ones. They will love seeing you, telling you stories of their pasts, and even playing their favorite card or board games. You might even want to read to your loved ones. Being present is often one of the biggest ways you can show them you care. If you can’t visit in person, call your loved ones on the phone. Some people set aside a specific time during their days to talk to their special relatives.

Run Errands for Your Elderly Loved Ones
Especially during times of the year with spread of dangerous viral illnesses, or weather notorious for poor driving conditions, you can show your loved ones you care and help keep them safe by running errands for them. Grab their grocery lists and go shopping, drop off mail at the post office, or pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy. Not sure what your loved one needs done? Just ask! 

Write Letters or Greeting Cards to Your Elderly Loved Ones

Everyone loves getting mail–especially when it isn’t bills! Send heartfelt letters periodically to your loved ones. Mail a greeting card for every holiday, or even “just because.” If you don’t want to purchase greeting cards, you can make your own by designing them on your computer and printing them out, or get out your art supplies and draw, paint, or create a collage on construction paper or cardstock. Handmade cards are perhaps even more thoughtful than store-bought.

Send Your Elderly Loved Ones a Senior Care Package
Special occasion? Can’t visit? Why not send your elderly loved one a care package? Care packages are gift boxes full of items your loved one will enjoy, like snacks, personal-care items, and other treats. You can spend the time to put one together yourself, hunting for the perfect things to include, and researching care package ideas for the elderly. Or, you can purchase one from The Care Crate Co.! You don’t have to worry about hunting for the perfect things to include, finding a sturdy box, or organizing shipping. We take care of everything for you so you can send the perfect gifts for grandparents or other elderly relatives. Our crates include healthy snacks for adults, care packages for ladies, gift boxes for men, and more!Shop our full selection of care packages on our website, and get ready to make your elderly loved one’s day when you pick out a gift to send to them.