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Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Are Hard to Buy For
Care Package Gift Guide

Care Packages or Gift Sets Should Top Your Shopping List

What do you get for someone who has everything? What do you get someone you don’t know very well? It’s hard to be confident in the gifts you purchase for people like these, which is why The Care Crate Co. has decided to help you out this year with a few gift ideas for people on your list who you just don’t know what to buy for. 

When In Doubt, Buy Something Consumable

If you’re uncertain that someone will love a shirt, decor item, or other object, it’s best to err on the side of consumable – meaning buy them something they can use up! Your gift doesn’t have to be utilitarian to be consumable, although the fancy versions of utilitarian items can be great gifts! Consider items like:

  • Luxe paper cocktail napkins, with trending prints, and a bottle of wine
  • Gorgeously-packaged cocoa mix in a neutral mug, with marshmallows
  • All-natural home fragrance sprays or candles, especially those with particularly beautiful labels
  • Snack boxes, full of a variety of sweet and savory treats for every palate
  • Carefully-curated gift sets that inspire relaxation (because everyone needs it after this year!)

Gifts for the Whole Family to Enjoy

If you have acquaintances to buy a holiday gift for, instead of finding individual items for each family member, consider giving one larger gift that the whole family will enjoy. This eliminates the need to determine everyone’s special interests or risk forgetting a family member! Try:

  • Movie theater or restaurant gift cards
  • Homemade cookies or cake
  • Gift-wrapped chocolates from a local chocolatier 
  • Candy care package, full of everyone’s favorites
  • Monogrammed door mat

Ideas for the Elderly

Whether they’re grandparents, a neighbor, or a family friend, the older adults on our shopping lists can be hard to buy for. They have everything they truly require to live day-to-day because they’ve likely lived on their own for quite some time. They also are less likely to be forthcoming about things they need because they’re quite proud and would rather obtain them on their own. Bring them joy with gift ideas like:

  • Items to make daily life easier, like new landline telephones made for the hard-of-hearing
  • Cleaning service gift certificate
  • Pre-paid handyman services to help them maintain their home throughout the year
  • Framed photo of your family, especially if you are close to your recipient
  • Care package full of microwaveable meals and snacks to reduce the need for grocery shopping trips during the global pandemic
  • Uber gift cards to help make attending doctor appointments easier

Gifts for Teachers

Your student’s teacher gets much of the same items from every student: hot cocoa, candy, coffee mugs… Stand out from the crowd with these thoughtful gifts:

  • Gift card to a big box store or online store
  • Allergy-friendly snack boxes to stock up the classroom treat drawer
  • Coffee shop gift card
  • Flair pens and school supplies for the classroom stash
  • Gift certificate for a massage from a local spa

What Will You Give This Year?

Need more great gift ideas for every recipient on your list? Take care of all of them, and have their present delivered straight to their home when you order snack boxes, care packages, and gift sets from The Care Crate Co. Our care crates are hand-curated and filled to the brim with popular goodies and treats that are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. And best of all, you can complete all your shopping in one place, so you have more time to relax this holiday season.

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