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Five Ways to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day
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No one is as special as grandparents. They’re warm, loving people who spoil their grandkids with presents, sweet treats, and special trips, and it’s always fun to go spend the weekend at grandma and grandpa’s house.

September 13 is a special day to celebrate these amazing folks who enrich our childhoods with their wisdom and hugs. Return the favor by celebrating PopPop, Meemaw, Gran, Gramps, Nonna, Nonno — or whatever you call them — on this year’s Grandparents’ Day. Here at The Care Crate Co., we came up with five ways to say “thank you” to these incredible folks — including by sending one of our amazing care packages to them.

1. Treat them to a special meal.

Grandmothers are known for preparing delicious dinners from secret family recipes. No one can replicate your gran’s lasagna, but you can certainly make your own version or take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant.

If you’re cooking, perfect your recipe with inspiration from online food blogs and shop for fresh ingredients one or two days before. Special tip: Herbs from the produce section taste better than the dried or powdered versions from the spice aisle. Don’t forget the dessert!

If you’re planning to dine out, call the restaurant ahead of time for reservations and to verify that they’re accepting patrons in the dining room. Don’t forget your masks when you enter and exit the restaurant.

2. Deliver doughnuts and fresh coffee.

If your grandparents are early risers and hard workers, drop by early in the morning with coffee and treats from their favorite bakery or doughnut shop. With breakfast taken care of, they can start their day without having to prepare food or clean up the kitchen.

Bonus points to you if you know how they take their coffee and their favorite doughnut flavors. We’re partial to an old-fashioned cake one or a creme-filled one with chocolate icing.

3. Send flowers or drop off a potted plant.

Sweethearts send bouquets on holidays, so why not express your love for your grandparents in a similar way? Choose from a pre-designed arrangement from an online florist, or call the local one and request a custom design.

If you want something that will last a little longer, bring over potted fall flowers, like mums, in a variety of autumnal tones. With some water and TLC, they’ll live until winter and brighten your grandparents’ patio, porch, or deck. Add a bow for decoration.

4. Take an updated family photo and frame an 8×10.

No grandparents’ house is complete without photos of their family. Get all the grandkids together for a portrait session in the park or other scenic area and say cheese. Pick the best shot and print out an 8×10. Place it in a nice frame, gift-wrap it, and present it with pride.

Help them find a great place to hang the new photo, perhaps above the mantel or piano, or in the family portrait gallery in the hallway.

5. Send a care package from The Care Crate Co.

If you live far away, or if your grandparents are practicing strict social distancing for their health, then one of the best ways to acknowledge them on Grandparents’ Day is to send them an amazing care package from The Care Crate Co. Our snack boxes are full of sweet treats, savory chips and nuts, and even personal care items

To order, choose the theme box your grandparents will love the most, and have it shipped directly to their house or apartment. We recommend our Snack Box Care Package or Personal Care Kit!

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