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Reasons a Snack Box Makes the Perfect Corporate Gift
corporate gifting

Say “Thank You” to Your Amazing Employees or Clients

Your employees have been working hard, especially considering the periods of adjustment they all endured as they began working from home during stay-at-home orders, or continuing to serve your clients and customers while wearing masks and implementing precautions at your business. And you can say thank you to your valued clients who have continued to work with you and putting faith in your company to keep them up and running during the pandemic, or for the holidays.

Now is the perfect time to thank your team and clients for their efforts, their courage, and their drive to continually support the company during the past several months. But not just any gift will do. You should reward your people in a thoughtful and meaningful way that also can help improve their lives. A coffee mug, t-shirt, or plaque just won’t cut it. 

A care package from The Care Crate Co. makes the best corporate gift to show your thanks to your team and clients. Here’s why!

We’ll Ship Your Corporate Gifts

When you choose snack boxes from The Care Crate Co., we handle distribution for you. Simply provide us with your names and addresses, and we’ll deliver it to their door. 

Having us ship gifts directly to your team and customers saves you a lot of time. You don’t need to worry about packaging the items, labeling them with names, or finding a way to hand them out while maintaining social distancing, especially if you are working remotely.

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Snack Boxes are Useful and Consumable

Often, it is tempting to purchase branded promotional items, like notebooks, pens, cooler bags, or paperweights to give as corporate appreciation gifts. These items are overdone and often don’t get a lot of love from the recipients, especially for items like paperweights or framed certificates. 

When you send a snack box, you’re giving a consumable gift that won’t be neglected or ignored in a desk drawer or immediately donated to a thrift store. Most everyone will appreciate a stash of snacks being sent to them, and will enjoy eating tasty treats during their work days. If they don’t personally devour them, their family members certainly will. And because our corporate gifts are edible, nothing is left to collect dust.

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Care Packages Help People Stay Safe at Home

If you’ve been working remotely yourself, you’ve likely realized how many groceries you’re having to purchase for your meals and snacks. More frequent shopping trips means added risk of exposure to coronavirus. A corporate care package helps keep the pantry stocked up for mid-day snacks and reduces the amount of time your team members and clients will have to spend at the grocery store.

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Snack Boxes Appeal to Everyone

Not everyone on the payroll at your business loves or needs touchscreen gloves, water bottles, tote bags, or other typical gift items. But most everyone eats snacks or lives with someone who does. And with the wide variety of treats we pack into our corporate thank you gifts, every team member is likely to find their favorite snack inside.

Snack boxes make incredibly thoughtful gifts for this reason. These boxes show you actually care and aren’t purchasing promotional items to say a half-hearted thanks. Your team will know you truly mean it when you send them one of our snack boxes. 

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Order Your Corporate Gifts Today

Ready to get started on saying “thank you” to your employees and clients? We make it easy. First, fill out our online form to let us know what you’re looking for, including information you want to include in a special insert, thank-you message, or note. 

We’ll get you a quote and payment link right away, and will extend a special discount to you when you order ten or more corporate gift boxes. When you supply us with your recipients’ mailing addresses, we’ll take care of all the shipments for you and process them within 24 hours. It’s as easy as that!

Learn more about the process and our special thank-you card insert options on our website.

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