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Keep Your Employees Feeling Fresh and Confident on the GO


GO Mouthwash is the Perfect Gift for All

Show others how much you care with the gift of fresh breath on the go! GO Mouthwash is a tool everyone can utilize. Whether it’s for those who travel, those who run from meeting to meeting, or just a way to stay fresh after lunch, GO Mouthwash makes the perfect partner.  

They Say Confidence is Key 

The key to every great business transaction is confidence, and it’s much easier to feel confident when you know your breath is fresh after using a travel-size mouthwash. Everyone hopes to feel more confident at work to accomplish the best they can. Show how much you care by giving others the gift of confidence in the form of fresh breath! 

Travel and Convenience All in One

If you often travel for work, finding a mini mouthwash that is easily portable is a necessity. In fact, GO Mouthwash was originally created as an individual mouthwash packet option for those who travel! This portable drink mix is a travel-size mouthwash and a single-use tool designed to go with you. Being able to find an easily accessible travel mouthwash product that is reliable, convenient, and helpful is always refreshing! 

For the Ones on the GO

You don’t have to be often traveling to need a chance to recharge and feel fresh! When you’re running from meeting to meeting and need a chance to organize yourself, taking a small amount of time to use GO Mouthwash is a great way to reset. This individual mouthwash packet is both a productive option and an option that leaves people feeling good! 

Show How Much You Care 

Caring is about giving a gift that shows you are thinking about others and their needs. It’s about helping out where you can, and with us, you certainly can. Our corporate gifts are dedicated to allowing you to show your employees, clients, and coworkers know how much you care. Give them the quick and convenient gift of fresh breath that helps them feel confident and productive in the form of a travel-sized mouthwash. For a limited time only, you can get two free GO Mouthwash in every corporate gift. For more information about what else we have to offer, click here

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    At The Care Crate Co., we’re in the business of caring. We want to help you show your friends, your family, or even your coworkers, that you care about them – no matter the occasion or distance. Whether you’re missing a friend in another city, celebrating a family member’s birthday, or want to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, The Care Crate Co. has the perfect gift for you. We offer a wide selection of care packages and gift boxes that are designed to put a smile on the faces of gift givers and gift receivers alike. With all of your favorite name brand snacks or your go-to personal care items in one perfectly curated box, we make it easy to send a little bit of happiness to anyone in your life

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