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How to Create an Employee Appreciation Day Experience with Our Corporate Gifting Program

Your Team Deserves a Special Event That Focuses on Giving Thanks

Skip out on typical employee appreciation day celebrations and opt for one that shows your team how much you value them.

Catering lunch is great, but you can go even bigger by hosting a special day – during business hours – that encourages your team to relax and enjoy a few hours together. Here’s The Care Crate Co. plan for a movie day in the office. The best part is that you probably have access to all the things you need to hold it.

Step One: Order Corporate Gifts for Everyone on the Team

Your office movie day celebration should include more than playing a film in the conference room. Set the mood and the scene with special employee gifts that fit the theme.

We recommend our new Movie Night Snack Box. It contains a variety of salty and sweet snacks popularized by movie theaters. Each employee should receive their own, so no two hands dig into the same popcorn or candy.

When you order our snack box, we’ll take care of everything for you; just tell us how many you need, and what you’d like the gift message inside the box to say.

Step Two: Find a Place to Host the Special Employee Celebration

The best place to host your gathering is in a large conference room space. You can set up the room using rows of chairs, or empty out the furniture and ask each employee to bring their desk chair in.

If you really want to make it extra-special, rent bean bag chairs and lounge chairs from your local party rental, or tell employees to bring their own lawn chairs or picnic blankets to rest on during the movie.

Step Three: Choose a Movie

The film you choose to screen for your appreciation day should be one that’s universally-liked and safe for work. If you want to help ensure your team will love it, put together a small team to choose a short list of movies and put it to a vote.

Be sure to look into the legal implications of showing a new film to a large audience. You could choose a classic film to screen instead.

Step Four: Send an Invitation to your Employee Thank-You Event

Let your team know about their appreciation event by sending a special invitation to them, through their work calendars, or via a printed memo. If you’re holding your film during work hours (and we think it’s a great way to give your team a break!), be sure to let them know they won’t need to clock out! 

On the Day of Your Celebration

As your team checks into the conference room or other event space for the movie day, hand them each their very own Movie Night Snack Box!

Can’t Hold an In-Office Event?

If you can’t show a movie in the workplace, you can still help celebrate your team and give them an independent movie night of their own.

The Care Crate Co. can help you customize your employee gift (our Movie Night Snack Box, in this case), to include extra items, like a RedBox gift card or Netflix gift card. This will not only allow your team members to enjoy their movie snacks, but it will give them a way to choose a movie to watch for their own fun night at home. Then, distribute the gifts to your team when they arrive.

Order Employee Gifts from The Care Crate Co.

Any time you need a corporate gift, turn to The Care Crate Co. for thoughtful gift boxes full of items everyone will enjoy. Contact us to learn how we can make your employee gifting program extra special this year.

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