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5 Ways to Say “I’m Thankful” Around the Office!

Thanksgiving is an extremely important holiday for everyone! Although it often gets overlooked in the corporate world as Halloween and Christmas make for the fun holiday office parties, it’s still extremely important to show your employees how appreciative you are for them this holiday season. Here are some wonderful ways to show how thankful you are for your employees! A Thanksgiving Care Package– Extend the holiday fun with a Thanksgiving care package delivered to everyone in the office! After all, an office is an extension of your family so make sure you show them how much you care!  Our Thanksgiving Care Package is equipped with all the holiday essentials and is such a quick and easy way to show your employees just how thankful you are for their hard work!

Provide a Lunch or Breakfast Bar

Food is an easy gift, especially in the office! The day before Thanksgiving, show your employees how grateful you are for them by providing them with a free breakfast or lunch! May we recommend a pasta bar? 

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Soirée

If you’re open on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, your employees definitely deserve to be shown appreciation! With all the craziness, remind them you’re grateful for their hard work with a next day soirée! A relaxing get-together with good food and even better conversation can help everyone refresh after the holiday madness.

Custom Mugs

Who doesn’t love a new mug? Much less a custom mug! There are so many places that will do custom gifting mugs perfect for the office. May we suggest pairing it with our Coffee Lovers Gift Set or Tea Lovers Gift Set as a complimentary gift as well? Just a thought! 

Warm Blankets and Travel Pillows

If you’re a company that requires traveling, getting your employees a nice neck pillow and comfy travel blanket is definitely a good idea! If you’re not a company that requires much travel, a blanket is still a great gift! Everyone could always use more blankets!

Whether it’s a soirée, a luncheon, or an amazing care package or gift set from us, your employees truly deserve a gift that shows you appreciate their hard work, time, and energy. The holidays are the perfect time to remind your employees that you’re thankful, and we make it easy for you to do that! Our customizable corporate gifts are top tier and your employees deserve nothing less!

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    At The Care Crate Co., we’re in the business of caring. We want to help you show your friends, your family, or even your coworkers, that you care about them – no matter the occasion or distance. Whether you’re missing a friend in another city, celebrating a family member’s birthday, or want to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work, The Care Crate Co. has the perfect gift for you. We offer a wide selection of care packages and gift boxes that are designed to put a smile on the faces of gift givers and gift receivers alike. With all of your favorite name brand snacks or your go-to personal care items in one perfectly curated box, we make it easy to send a little bit of happiness to anyone in your life

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