Putting the CARE in Care Package

Our Core Beliefs

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Above all else, our mission is to make people happy. We want both gift-givers and gift receivers to feel a sense of joy when they send or receive a Care Crate Co. care package.


We believe that the world can always use more positivity. That’s why we make it easy for anyone to show their loved ones they care and are thinking of them.


Opening a care package from The Care Crate Co. isn’t just opening a box. We make it an experience that truly feels like opening a present and puts a smile on your face.


Our care packages are filled with your favorite, name-brand products and come in a variety of themes and sizes to fit any budget.


More than a care package company

Each day, we ship out care packages loaded with goodies to people across the country. However, we know there are plenty of people who don’t even know where their next meal is going to come from, or when. In Northeast Ohio in particular, one in six people find themselves in this situation. Worldwide, one in seven people are hungry, and a third of all food is wasted.

A commitment to caring

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank has been a beacon of hope for those in Northeast Ohio in need of hunger relief. In 2018 alone, they provided 57 million meals to hungry people across six counties through food distribution and SNAP outreach efforts. They operate as a community food distribution center where they provide food, and other much-needed groceries, to nearly 1,000 hot meal programs, shelters, food pantries, and plenty of other nonprofit agencies.

To further support their mission and do our part in helping the hungry, The Care Crate Co. has made a commitment to donate food items, and volunteer our time, to this great organization. Whether it be a stressed-out student or a person in need, we know that caring can make all the difference.


Over 200 lbs. of food donated

Total weight of food donations since 2020.

Utilizing social media to create change

Every month we ask an employee to pick an organization we donate to. We get our followers involved to spread the word. The more shares, the more we donate.

We're more than a care package company

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