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The Most Popular Lunch Box Snacks in the U.S.
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School’s Back in Session – Kind Of – and Those Lunches Aren’t Going to Make Themselves

While some lunchbox snacks were left behind in another era (here’s looking at you, Dunkaroos and Squeeze-Its), others have withstood the test of time and remain favorites on kids’ lists even in 2020. Even if your child is participating in virtual learning this year, you’ll still need to provide a lunch, while juggling your own work-from-home responsibilities. The same convenient snacks that make a well-rounded lunch for your child attending school in person can make learning from the dining table just a little more fun. The only difference? No tradesies.

Let’s take a look at the most popular lunch box snacks in the United States and where to find them in our snack box care packages.

Gushers Fruit Snacks

There’s nothing quite like biting into this chewy, yet juicy treat with an unidentifiable fruity flavor. Gushers are different from regular fruit snacks because of their liquified center. They’re so popular because they’re more of a novelty than they are delicious. Nevertheless, kids ask for them by name for their brown-bag lunches.

Find classic fruit snacks in our Healthy Care Package, a snack box full of better-for-you selections.

Airheads Taffy

Did you know Airheads are out of control? That’s what the commercials say anyway. Airheads are stretchy taffy-like candy that are essentially a fruit snack in a different form. It should be obvious by now that kids like fruit snacks.

One of the best things about Airheads are their flavor varieties, especially their mystery flavor, which is a pure white bar. The idea was brought to Airheads HQ by a teenager in the early 1990s. In the original taste tests, only 5 percent of kids could accurately identify the flavor. The real identity remains a trade secret even today.

Find fun Airheads flavors in our Candy Care Package, which contains 65 sweet treats!

Pringles Chips

Potato chips are the top-selling convenience-store snack in the United States. Unlike regular potato chips, Pringles aren’t sliced off a root veggie. They’re compressed into the perfect, stacking shape. Pringles are also debatably more fun to eat than regular chips. What other food can you devour that also lets you look like you have a duck beak during your class’s lunch period in the cafeteria? Varieties of America’s favorite potato chips can be found in our Snack Box Care Package, which ships to your recipient’s house in one of our signature mint-colored boxes! 


Whether they’re in crunchy or puffed form, Cheetos are delicious. Kids like them because they turn their fingers orange, and they can pretend to be aliens from another planet for a few minutes before licking off the cheesy, salty goodness. Fun fact and vocabulary word of the day: the crunchy ones are extruded to get their shape. Find Cheetos snacks in our Men’s Care Package, which incidentally, is full of other deliciously salty treats.

Granola Bars

Although the chewy, candy-bar-like granola bars are popular with the elementary set, crunchy granola bars can be just as delicious. And, when they’re made with wholesome ingredients, like fig, they’re a healthier-for-you choice compared to that chocolate chunk sugar block you were about to consume. 

Granola bars are great desserts in lunches, but they are also ideal for breakfast on-the-go, or in front of the computer screen during Zoom class. 

Find a variety of granola bars in our Healthy Care Package, including the aforementioned figgy ones, chock full of fruit, and in our Extra Large Snack and Personal Care Box, a mammoth gift of 120+ snacks and personal care items, perfect to send someone self-quarantining from coronavirus. 

Looking for more lunch box favorites?

Fill your pantry with your kids’ favorite snacks and treats by ordering a snack box from The Care Crate Co., in lieu of scouring the grocery store for special requests. Simply choose the snack box your family will love and have it shipped straight to your door. Shipping is always free, so you don’t have to pay a premium for convenience.

The Care Crate Co. can help you save time and save your sanity when it comes to household snacking. Shop our full selection of snack boxes and care packages for your own personal use, or send one to a loved one.

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