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The Best BBQ Activities Your Guests Will Love
water balloons for bbq activity

Games and Food Make the Perfect Combo! 

Summer is all about firing up the grill and spending time with your favorite people. While waiting for the food to cook, it’s fun to catch up, play games, and make some amazing summer memories. Here are the best activities for your barbecue: 


This is a summertime favorite and the ultimate barbecue game. Get out the board and the sandbags, whoever gets to 21 first wins! You can even create a cornhole tournament to make sure all your guests get the chance to participate. Trust us, cornhole is a must-have! 

Water Balloons

There’s nothing like a good water balloon fight! On a hot summer day, water balloons make the perfect weapon. This game is perfect for the little ones to enjoy and even for adults to enjoy too! So long as you have a hose, you’re good to go! 

Make S’mores 

Once it starts getting dark, turn your outdoor barbecue into a bonfire! A sure way to make sure all your guests enjoy a tasty treat is to have the s’mores stuff ready to go. You can even make it into a contest for the little ones, may the best s’more win!

Frisbee or Bocce

Does a quick game of Ultimate Frisbee sound good to you? How about a classic game of Bocce Ball? Either one is a guaranteed good time! Both can be found at any superstore as well! Once again, turn it into a tournament to make sure all your guests enjoy the fresh air! 

Classic Sports Games

There are some easy classic sports games you can play outdoors too. If you have a net, you can play volleyball, badminton, tennis, or nukem! If you have a basketball hoop, a good game of basketball, PIG, or Knock out! A good game of outdoor soccer, pool volleyball, baseball, capture the flag, and so many more! Any of these games are sure to get your guests in the mood for some good food! 

Card Games

For those who aren’t into more physical games, a good card game will do! Make sure you have a couple of different card sets and get ready for a good game of euchre, poker, kings in the corner, go fish, golf, or any other card game you or your guests can think of! Card games are always a sure way to have some fun! 

No matter what activity you decide on for your outdoor barbecue, your guests will have a blast! Need some barbecue supplies? We have a Grilling Gift Set calling your name! Need more outdoor ideas? Check out our other blogs, gift sets, and care packages perfect for outdoor fun.

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for accuracy. It was originally published on July 12, 2021.

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