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Snack Boxes, Tools, and More Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Families around the United States will celebrate Father’s Day on June 21. It’s a day dedicated to paying tribute to dads of all kinds, celebrating them for their hard work and devotion to raising their children well.

Like most American holidays, there’s a gift-giving component. Finding the perfect gift is enough to stress anyone out. You don’t want to get dad something he may hate, and some dads are tough nuts to crack when it comes to finding things they actually want. The strong, silent type of dad never expresses his special interests or shares his wish lists! Then there’s the dad who’s very vocal about things he wants. And the one that is picky and particular about everything. And don’t forget about the classic dad who gets a kick out of dry humor and always wears white sneakers.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve assembled the ultimate compendium of ideas for Father’s Day gifts. Yell, “Happy Father’s Day, Pops!” and hand him one of these awesome items.

Gifts for Sporty Dads

Dads who dig physical activities and sports love things like memorabilia from their favorite teams, jerseys, and collectibles. Consider gifts like:

  • Autographed balls or hats
  • Rare baseball cards
  • Novelty socks featuring their favorite sports team’s logo
  • The promise of tickets to an upcoming sporting event (or the physical tickets if professional sports are happening in your area)
  • Replica of their favorite player’s jersey
  • Sporting goods, if they still play a sport


Father’s Day Gifts for Dad Dads

These are the dads who you can’t imagine being anything other than your dad. When people think of a dad, they think of yours. Consider gifts like:

  • Grilling tools or spices
  • T-shirts with puns or jokes on them
  • World’s Best Dad coffee mug or ball cap
  • Fresh white sneakers (he can use his old pair for mowing the lawn)
  • Passes to a BBQ festival or chili cookoff
  • A new, framed photo of all of his kids (bonus points if you re-enact an old picture!)


Gift Ideas for Nerdy Dads

If your dad is a computer genius, loves sci-fi, and has been known to spend parts of his day playing video games, these gift ideas will make him feel the love.

  • The latest edition of his favorite game
  • A collectible figurine from his favorite TV show or cult-classic movie
  • Tech gadgets: think gaming keyboards and mouses, docking stations, or a curved monitor
  • Novelty t-shirts
  • His favorite sci-fi movie’s promotional poster (in a classy frame, of course!)
  • Board game or tabletop game


Gift Ideas for Dads Who Conquer Home Improvement

Your dad wears a tool belt like it’s part of his everyday outfit. He can fix anything, and takes great pleasure in doing so. These gifts are right up his alley:

  • A new power tool
  • Retro metal toolbox for essential tools to keep in the house
  • A hammer, with his name engraved in the handle
  • Gift cards to his favorite hardware store
  • Tough leather work gloves
  • Heavy-duty flashlights with plenty of batteries


Gift Ideas for Dads with Style

If your dad is always putting his best foot forward, and on that foot is a luxe pair of shoes, your fashionable father will probably enjoy these gift ideas:

  • Luxury sunglasses with UV protection
  • Bespoke leather goods, like a passport holder, keychain, or wallet
  • Grooming products, like beard oil, hair pomade, or handcrafted soap
  • Monogrammed cell phone case
  • Crystal highball glasses
  • Valet organizer for his dresser


Our Favorite Father’s Day Gift Idea

Does your dad not fit any of these descriptions, or you’re looking for something a little bit different or unexpected this year? Give the gift of year-round snacking with The Care Crate Co.! 


Our subscription snack boxes arrive at your dad’s home every month, and are full of both sweet and savory snacks. Or, you can order a one-time care package for dad and give it to him during your family’s Father’s Day celebration! 


No matter which you choose, dad will be thankful to be stocked with snacks for watching the big game, to eat while playing video games, or taking a break from a day of hard work. Order now for delivery by Father’s Day and get 15% off your purchase!

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