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Meet the Meat! We’re Partnering with Think Jerky
Think Jerky beef sticks

Taste the Difference in Our Care Packages and Snack Boxes

You already know pre-packaged snacks are delicious, but did you know they can be super healthy, too? Our recent brand partnership with Think Jerky aims to prove this with the inclusion of grass-fed beef jerky and free-range turkey jerky products in a selection of our best care packages to send to a family member or friend!

Not only is Think Jerky an all-American company, but it comes by its reputation honestly. Self Magazine called it the “healthiest jerky,” and Eat This, Not That! said it’s the best, too!

What Makes Think Jerky Unique

Think Jerky founder Ricky Hirsch was astounded when he realized that most store-bought jerky products, like beef jerky, are loaded with sugars. For a snack that’s supposed to be a healthier choice, Ricky found that it certainly isn’t when he began digging into its nutrition labels. That’s why Think Jerky is made using only sustainable grass-fed beef or free-range turkey, without any hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or gluten. Every ingredient in Think Jerky is restaurant quality, and world-renowned chefs come up with the recipes for each flavor that Think Jerky offers.

We really love the limited ingredients in each Think Jerky product; we can read every single ingredient on the list. In fact, we can even find most of them in our home pantries!

Your care package recipient will love snacking on Think Jerky, knowing exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. And you can be proud that you sent the very best care package for grandparents, kids, coworkers, new parents, and more. You’re such a good gift-giver!

Find Think Jerky in Select Care Packages

We’re pleased to introduce Think Jerky in three of our most popular care package selections. Find Think Jerky Beef Jerky in our Men’s Care Package and our Microwave Snack Care Package. Our Healthy Care Package includes Think Jerky Turkey Jerky, a slightly more lean, but equally delicious snack option. And your gift recipients will love chef-curated flavors like Classic, Sesame Teriyaki, and Sweet Chipotle!

Send a snack box gift with Think Jerky inside today.

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