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Five Reasons to Give a Snack Box Subscription as a Gift Reason Three is EVERYTHING!
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When it comes to gift-giving for birthdays and holidays, we all have that one person on our list who is almost impossible to buy for. They already have everything. You don’t know what design style they like. Their hobbies are so niche or unusual, you’re completely lost! You don’t know when you’ll see the person to give them their gift. Whatever the reason you struggle, know you are not alone. And The Care Crate Co. has a solution.

Consider gifting a monthly snack box subscription instead of wracking your brain and scrolling through every ecommerce site to find the perfect gift. We have it! 

Browse our selection of snack care packages for every occasion to see what we’re talking about. Need convincing? Here are five reasons a snack box subscription makes an amazing gift!

Reason 1: Save money on care packages and get free shipping.

At The Care Crate Co., we love buying in bulk because it means saving money while getting lots of stuff! We applied that same idea to our subscription gift boxes. If you order a monthly subscription, we’ll discount each box you send, saving you money over purchasing individual snack boxes each month. Plus, we never charge our valued subscribers anything extra for economy shipping. 

Reason 2: Your recipient receives the snack box directly.

When you shop for gifts using traditional methods, you end up being responsible for gift wrapping and delivering it to the recipient. Or, if you order online through your favorite store’s website, you have to pay for their items separately so get them sent to their home. The Care Crate Co. takes those organizational tasks away from you, saving you time and stress. You pick the gift, tell us where to send it, and we take care of the rest! Plus, who needs wrapping paper when you have our super cute care package boxes?

Reason 3: Your recipient will remember your generosity all year.

Sure, you can send a one-and-done care package as a gift. Your recipient receives it, thanks you for it, and you never hear about it ever again. When you send a monthly care package, your loved one thinks about you often: when they receive their box, when they open it, and each time they devour one of the tasty treats inside. (We also love a one-time care package! One-time gift boxes are budget-friendly and still 100% enjoyable.)

Reason 4: Care packages are versatile.

Need a birthday gift? Graduation gift? Wedding gift? Housewarming present? It doesn’t matter the occasion; a care package fits the bill every time. And because we offer themed packages, you can pick the snack box or gift box your recipient will most appreciate, even if they prefer healthier snack choices

Reason 5: We keep it simple.

With our monthly billing cycle and automatic payments, you’ll never have to remember to pay for the care package subscription you gave as a gift. You’ll be billed on the same day every month, and changing your billing date is no problem. (Just contact us!) And did we mention we’ll deliver it to your recipient for you? 

Sending Care Packages as Gifts

We might be biased, but we think our care packages are some of the greatest gifts to give and receive. We’ll even concede that care packages in general make incredible presents. (But ours are the best!) 

By ordering through The Care Crate Co., you can rest assured your loved ones get their gift! Get started today by choosing from our huge line-up of care packages, entering your recipient’s address, and confirming your order! It really is as easy as that — because we think gifting should never be stressful!

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