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Do Something Fun!: Spring Activity Ideas
spring activity ideas
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Don’t Forget to Pack a Treat from Your Snack Box from The Care Crate Co.!

After a rough year spent mostly indoors and a chilly winter with surprise weather in many places across the United States, you’re probably looking forward to feeling the spring sun on your skin as you take to the outdoors or do springtime activities you might’ve missed out on last year.

Recently, our team of care package experts chatted about their favorite spring activities, and here’s what we came up with. Fair warning – you won’t want to do these without taking along chips, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola bars, or some other delicious snack from one of our care package boxes.

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  • Plant a garden. Even if you have more of a brown thumb than a green one, you can still try your hand at planting a few plants in your yard or in large pots. Try a variety of plants, including vegetables and flowers. In a few months, you’ll be rewarded with the fruits of your labor (quite literally, depending on what you plant).
  • Plan a picnic. Pack up your picnic basket with a main course, like fried chicken or sandwiches, and head to your local park. Tuck into a meal supplemented with prepackaged treats from one of our care packages that you stocked your pantry with earlier in the month, and enjoy your time under the spring sunshine. 
  • Go flower peeping at your local botanical garden. Because you’re outdoors, you can enjoy the fresh air as you look for the earliest spring flowers, like crocuses and snowdrops. Later in the spring, you’ll see bright yellow daffodils and lush peonies, too.
  • Take a hike. Find a great hiking trail in your area, lace up your sneakers, and head out with a bottle of water and a granola bar for sustenance along the way. Take deep breaths of the fresh outdoor air! It’s good for you!
  • Go golfing. You can hit the links for 18 holes, or visit your local putt-putt golf establishment to take a swing! If you go in a group, come up with a silly trophy for the winner.
  • Fly a kite. Spring is known for its breezy days, so take advantage of that by flying a kite one afternoon. Your kit doesn’t have to be fancy – pick one up at your local big box retailer for cheap. You’ll reinvigorate your inner child.
  • Draw pictures with sidewalk chalk. There’s something cathartic about coloring and drawing, so do it on a large scale and bring cheer to the neighborhood. Cover your driveway in your doodles!
  • Build or buy an insect hotel. These little boxes have plentiful places for bugs to live, and that’s really good for your garden! An insect hotel will attract pollinators that help your garden grow.
  • Go berry picking at your local you-pick establishment or farm.
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  • Sit on your porch or patio and watch the rain. If your outdoor space isn’t covered, slide open a window and sit inside your house as you enjoy the rainfall. Take in the sights, smells, and sounds.
  • Add a plant to your home decor. Your local nursery can help you choose a potted plant suitable for living in your house, like a pothos or sansevieria. These easy-to-care-for plants are no sweat and look great in a window or on a console table. You can even order one online if you don’t want to leave your house.
  • Wear sandals. There’s something freeing about freeing your feet from the confines of hefty winter shoes. Put on a pair of your favorite sandals and let your toe breathe and wiggle.
  • Send someone a note via snail mail. Everyone’s tired of getting bills in their mailbox, so send someone something they can get excited about. 
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  • Steam whole artichokes or roast asparagus – two spring veggies – and enjoy them with your favorite meal.
  • Bake colorful cookies for the spring. Decorate with icing for another fun activity idea.
  • Enjoy some Easter or other spring-themed candy.
  • Bake something with the berries you picked yourself.
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