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Did You Know These are Vegan Snacks?
vegan snack options

Find Some of Them In Our Snack Boxes from The Care Crate Co.

People who are vegan choose their diet for highly personal reasons. Sometimes those reasons relate to their health, the environment, or animal rights. No matter the reason someone chooses to eat and live a vegan lifestyle, they can still enjoy some popular and delicious snack items just like anyone else.

And at The Care Crate Co., we’ve included some of these treats in our vegan-friendly care packages, so you can send our special gifts to your friends and family who opt to abstain from eating any animal-derived products.

Check out these tasty vegan treats.


Act II Butter Popcorn Comes in Our Vegan Snack Box

Act II Microwaveable popcorn has been a snack staple since the mid-1980s. Yes, this fluffy and buttery movie-theater favorite is absolutely vegan! It gets its buttery flavor from palm oil instead of dairy products.

Popcorn is a great source of whole grains and fiber, which are important parts of a balanced diet, and it’s low in calories per serving size, too. 




Find KaPop Cheddar Puffs in a Vegan Care Package

It would take longer to list the typical snack ingredients that aren’t in KaPop Cheddar Puffs than it does to list what is in them. We think that’s a refreshing departure from dozens of lines-long ingredient lists on junk food packaging. These are made of sorghum, sunflower oil, and vegan cheddar cheese seasoning. That’s it!

Nearly anyone with a restricted or specialized diet can enjoy these puffs without worry, including those with nut allergies, which makes them a favorite here at The Care Crate Co. Find KaPop snacks in our vegan care package and Healthy Care Package, too.



oreoOreo Cookies

Another major shocker on this list is the ever-popular Oreo! And it’s not just the original Oreo that’s suitable for vegan consumption; it’s every specialty flavor, too! It’s hard to resist two chocolate wafers with the sweet creme filling – so thankfully these are safe foods for those avoiding all animal-derived products. Like the Act II popcorn, Oreos get their creamy taste from palm oil.



corn nutsCorn Nuts are a Snack Box Staple

If you’re familiar with how these salty and savory snacks are made, then you could probably say with confidence that you knew they are vegan. But for those who don’t know, Corn Nuts are literally just kernels of corn, soaked in water, and then fried.

For vegans looking for a super-savory and salty snack, Corn Nuts can be just the ticket. And with a variety of flavors, they quell cravings of almost any kind. Find Corn Nuts in lots of our care packages, including our vegan-friendly one, care package for healthy eaters, and our care package for men.



snyders pretzel sticksPretzels

The pretzels we use in our vegan-friendly care packages are also gluten-free, and come in 100-calorie packs, which are ideal for office snacking or for lunch boxes. Like many vegan snacks, they use palm oil in place of dairy products or eggs.

Pretzels are one of the most perfect snacks,  in our opinion, because they’re delicious on their own, or you can make them even better by dipping them in guacamole, ranch dressing, or other dips to customize your flavor palette. 



motts medleys gummy fruit snacksMott’s Gummies – Yes, Vegan Fruit Snacks in Our Care Packages!

Some brands of fruit snacks are made with gelatin, which is decidedly not vegan. Mott’s, however, makes their gummy fruit snacks differently, which makes them vegan-friendly and a mainstay of our snack boxes!

For fruity refreshment throughout the day, reach for a low-calorie package of Mott’s gummies. You’ll find them in our vegan care package, and also in our regular snack box and personal care kit



Gluten-Free Nut-Free Dairy-Free Allergy-Friendly Care PackageThe Best Care Packages for Kids, Coworkers, Friends, Grandparents, and More!

Upcoming birthday, anniversary, or other special day? Let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them by sending them one of our snack care packages or specialty gift sets. Choose from a variety of snack box themes best suited to your recipient, and then let us know where to send it. We’ll take care of the rest!



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