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Classroom Snacks to Gift Your Child’s Teacher
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Our Care Package Subscription Service Makes it Easy!

Next month, schools across the country will go back to school in person or online. America’s hard-working teachers will put in their hours in the classroom, and continue their work after school to develop engaging lessons and activities for their scholars, grade papers, and find new ways to make connections with their class.

Because of the uncertainty of how the school year will progress, and because your child’s teacher or teachers are working extra hard to make masks, online learning, and hands-on activities work in a COVID world, thank them for their efforts by shipping one of our amazing care packages to their home or school. Your student’s teacher can share these pre-packaged, individually-wrapped snacks with their students, or enjoy them during their brief lunch periods and planning blocks to energize them for their next lesson.

Here are our top three snack box choices for teachers for the 2020-2021 school year, regardless of where it’s held or how it goes.

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Candy Care Package Full of Sweet Treats

We adore our Candy Care Package because it reminds us of being young and sugar-hungry. This giant snack box contains 65 of the best candies on the market, which were chosen based on feedback from people just like you; we wanted to make sure our care package included your favorites. Inside, you’ll find fruity candies and candy bars, including full-size packages, single-serving packages, or minis. While our Candy Care Package contents do vary, we take pride in selecting treats we think you’ll love the most. The contents of this particular care package are great for student rewards, math activities, or a quick snack break in the teachers’ lounge.

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Personal Care Kits for Snacks and More!

Our Personal Care Kit and Extra Large Snack and Personal Care Box were both designed with health and snacks in mind. Each size contains a variety of snack items, as well as a small first aid kit, mask, and other personal care items (hence the box name) to help keep your favorite teacher healthy. The Extra Large box contains 120 or more items, while the standard size contains 70 or more items, making them the two largest care packages we offer! Our line of personal care kits tell your child’s teacher that you care about them as a person!

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Personal Care Kit 

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Extra Large Snack and Personal Care Box

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For the Health-Minded Teacher

Know a teacher who’s avoiding junk food? Our health-conscious care package, aptly named the Healthy Care Package, is full of essential snacks like granola and fruit bars for breakfasts, salty and crunchy snacks for an afternoon break, and fruit and chewy treats for all the times in between. These healthier choices tend to be lower in fat and calories than their counterparts in the junk food aisle at the grocery store.

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A Hands-Off Classroom Volunteer Activity

With COVID restrictions in place at schools across the country, it might be harder to find ways to volunteer in your child’s classroom this year. Instead of donating your time leading story time, organizing activity supplies, or making photocopies, send your child’s teacher a monthly snack box to keep her reward or classroom snack drawer full year-round. Our snack box subscription service gives you a discount on each snack box sent monthly, and we’ll autobill you, so you never have to worry about remembering to place an order. Learn more about our subscription service.

An Apple For Teacher

Although it’s a cute tradition, your child’s teacher doesn’t want an apple! They want a giant snack-filled care package from The Care Crate Co.! In addition to the amazing snack boxes we’ve described above, you won’t want to miss our full selection of care packages. Send one to the principal, the tutor, and the soccer coach, too! See our full line of care packages.

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