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Activity and Snack Pairings for the Fall
on the go snacks for fall activities

Pack Some Treats from Our Snack Boxes on Your Next Adventure

Portable snacks and activities go hand-in-hand. Packing your own treats in your backpack or purse means you’re less tempted to hit up your favorite fast food joint to scarf down a greasy burger or overly-processed taco when hunger strikes. 

Always be prepared to satiate the angry dragon that is your rumbly stomach, by taking along the best snacks from our care package service, for every activity you participate in this fall.

men's care packageSnacks to Take to Outdoor Events

When you’re going to be in the great outdoors for a while, you’ll want to bring along hearty and filling snacks to keep up your energy and motivation. We recommend treats from our Men’s Care Package. (Don’t let the name fool you; this one’s really for everyone.) Take along these snacks while you’re hunting, fishing, hiking, or sitting in the bleachers at a sports match.

This care package includes a variety of nuts, including pistachios, cashews, peanuts, and almonds. Our individual serving size packs mean you never have to share with your buddies — but maybe you could bring along an extra for them! After all, this care package contains 50 delicious snacks! 

You’ll also find several protein-packed snacks inside our Men’s Care Package, including beef sticks and beef jerky. These low-carb snacks make it easy for you to make a healthier selection, and they don’t get crushed in your cargo pocket, either! For a snack box with nuts and beef sticks, but also a variety of other treats, you might also consider our Snack Box Care Package

healthy care packageSnacks to Take Shopping

Don’t end your shopping spree early because you’re feeling famished. Reach for a snack, and keep looking for your new favorite outfit.

Your hands will stay clean and free of food particles with the treats inside our Healthy Care Package. Enjoy fig bars straight from their wrapper, or eat PopChips that don’t leave your fingers greasy. This care package also includes sweet treats, like fruit snacks and granola bars, and salty ones, like nuts and Veggie Straws. No matter what you’re in the mood for, this care package has it! 

For a snack box with dietary restrictions in mind, you might also be interested in our Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Care Package.

Snacks to Pack for Road Trips

Road trips with the whole family can be stressful, especially if you aren’t prepared for every possible scenario. Take care of hunger and all the little extras with our biggest care package ever: the Extra Large Snack and Personal Care Box. Inside are 120+ items, including personal care necessities in case a child left their mask at home, little hands need cleaning, or someone got a boo-boo in the backseat.

Microwaveable meals (20 in the box!) make hotel stays more bearable and affordable, while a massive collection of sweet treats and savory bites satisfy everyone, including picky eaters. It’s hard to go wrong with this particular care package. It makes both a great gift, and a resource to simplify your packing list for your next trip.

women's care packageSnacks to Stow in Your Desk at Work

We’re pretty sure the following is a universal experience. You’ve been working all day, and have already enjoyed your lunch break. But then, mid-afternoon, usually around 3 p.m., you suddenly need something. If it isn’t a coffee refill, it’s snack time. You kick yourself because you forgot to refill your desk drawer with pre-packaged food for occasions just like this.

May we recommend our Women’s Care Package? Like the Men’s, it’s really for everyone, but we love this particular one for keeping at work. This snack box contains breakfast items, like toaster pastries or shortbread cookies in a pinch, but also other sweet treats, like iced animal crackers, fruit snacks, Milano cookies, and Nutrigrain bars. We didn’t forget those who crave salty and savory snacks, though! Microwave popcorn, Veggie Sticks, and PopChips round out this box of 50 awesome items.

Go Ahead, Send a Care Package to Yourself

We won’t judge if you decide you’re the one in need of a pick-me-up or special gift, rather than someone else (although we do adore gift-giving). Fill your pantry with our curated snacks that you can tote along on your next adventure, whatever that looks like for you.

Shop for a snack box.

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