School’s in session! Keep your student happy and ready for anything throughout with these Back to School Care Packages. Start he 2021 school yeah off on the right foot!
Coffee Lover’s Gift Set

This caffeine-filled gift set will help you go fast! Use the included French press to brew the roasted and ground gourmet coffee beans. Take your piping hot energy juice on the go with a stainless steel coffee tumbler. We also included some cream and sugar just in case you want to tone down that rocket fuel.


Microwave Snack Box

The Microwave Snack Box has 50 name-brand ​snacks​ ​snacks for​ you or you loved ones to enjoy. Our premium microwaveable variety pack has been selected by hand to contain only the very best individually wrapped snacks. With painstaking attention to quality. Don’t choose one snack, choose them all!


Tea Lover’s Gift Set

This Tea Lovers gift set delivers caffeinated goodness to start the morning off right. Each Gift Set comes with 8 tea bags, 4 different flavors. Enjoy each flavor in a stainless steel tumbler with strainer. Stir with a honey straw to sweeten and Infuse Cardamom or Peppermint flavors with a unique tea drop.


Movie Night Snack Box

It’s Friday night. You’re finally streaming that one movie you’ve been waiting to watch on Netflix. You go into the pantry and boom, no snacks! “Nooo! How could this happen?!” Next time, make sure you have our Movie Night Snack Box. All your favorite snacks from the theater in one snack-tastic care package.