Our Ten Favorite Ways to Say Thank You

thank you gift

From the Creative to the Thoughtful to the Personalized … Say it With a Care Crate!

Has someone ever done something for you that just blew you away? You couldn’t believe someone could be so caring and thoughtful, and so you weren’t sure how to thank them for it? 

To help you out, The Care Crate Co. has brainstormed all our favorite ways of expressing gratitude to a friend or family member who has helped us out. The next time someone deserves your thanks, break out this list, and find a new or big way to express it. (Of course, we’re partial to number 5.)

  1. Sometimes the most basic method is the best way to say thanks. Send a heartfelt, handwritten note on nice stationery. Send it to them via mail. (Receiving something in the mail other than a bill is always exciting.)

  2. While it seems extreme, sometimes you need a grand gesture to get your thanks across. Commission a singing telegram to express your gratitude through song. Send the singers to deliver the message somewhere public. Know your audience; not everyone will appreciate this kind of thanks.

  3. When do your schedules align? Find that date and time, and take them out to lunch or dinner. Don’t skimp; encourage them to order dessert, too!

  4. Do you make award-winning brownies? Decorate delectable cakes? Bake a tasty treat for your friend, and deliver them in cute packaging. They’ll remember your appreciation every time they take a bite.

  5. Did someone do something majorly huge for you? Like help you paint your entire house? Or loan you a reliable car for an important trip? Or something else equally huge that they ever-so-kindly did? Send them one of our amazing snack boxes from The Care Crate Co. Choose a gift box theme your recipient will love, and we’ll handle the rest. And, we have a snack box for everyone!

  6. Kick it like it’s the early 90s and say thank you with a custom mixtape of tunes that make you think of the nice thing they did. If they can’t play a cassette, consider burning a CD, or assembling a playlist on Spotify or a similar app.

  7. Let the whole neighborhood know how great they are. Decorate a yard sign for them, and place it in their yard. No yard? Hang it on their apartment door!

  8. When your friend needs help, return the favor. Always being there for each other shows that you care.
  9. Fuel their day and say thank you with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. There’s something for everyone at a coffee shop: espresso drinks, tea, smoothies, hot cocoa, pastries, and more. 
  10. Need another public thank-you that isn’t as dramatic as a singing telegram? When you know your friend will be listening, call up your local radio station and ask the DJ to dedicate a song to them because of the awesome thing they helped you with or did for you.